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Lisa Caines' Journal

Thursday, February 26, 2004

1:32PM - hot wax

i think i'm addicted to hot wax. OMG it is really amazing.

i was fooling around with amanda(my new fuckbuddy/girlfriend) last night around 2 am, and just as she was about to go down on me, she stopped. i asked her whats wrong, and she said she wanted to try something new. so she tied my hands and ankles to the bedposts, and she lit a candle.

oh god... it was so intense. i yelped the first time, it hit my skin, but the heat just felt so amazing. i wanted more, even if it made me cry from the pain. (and it did hurt, but not enough to scald me or anything) amanda poured more on my body, and when she went down on me, i came so hard. all the wax just made it much more intense.

anybody else have this kind of fetish? i'm totally loving it. ;)

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Monday, January 12, 2004


hey everybody, how yall been? sorry i've been so inactive lately... i've been preoccupied with work, school, and my new girlfriend. she's not really my girlfriend, just a friend of mine that i like to fuck with. so i guess that makes her a fuckbuddy, cuz we're not into the whole relationship thing. so, technically, i'm still single. *wink*

somebody left a comment on one of my posts that said i was a liar and that i should show pics. here's the reason why i don't;

first of all, i've never had any good pictures of me to begin with. i really don't like photos, all the pictures of me turn out horrible. i don't like to take family photos, friend photos, or anything like that if i'm in them. sounds pretty weird since my major is photojournalism. but i don't like taking pictures of myself, just other people. i suppose i'm just camera-conscious. the most sexual pictures i've taken were for my ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends, and even then i was pretty nervous about taking those. as far as i know, they've never left the hands of my ex's. i really hope they haven't, anyways...

but i feel really stupid for posting this, because i don't really need to explain myself, do i? the post just upset me, is all.

well, anyways, that's my update. i'll try and post more often and maybe be online more often. bye bye!

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Saturday, December 27, 2003

2:18AM - hehe

okay, just signed on to make a short entry before i go have hot post-christmas sex with my new girlfriend/fuckbuddy. *wink*

enjoy all your gifts and have fun in the new year!

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Thursday, November 20, 2003


god, i need a hot girl to ravish mercilessly right about now. when i'm done with her, she'll be so dazed she won't be able to walk straight.

Current mood: incredibly horny

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

8:50PM - okay, so a small update.

i've been experimenting with different types of masturbation. my biggest source of orgasms is my showerhead(prolly cuz i take a shower every day), but i've never used the bath faucet. so i decided to try it last night. i positioned my pussy underneath the faucet and turned the water on.

i immediately started to moan once i felt how AMAZING it was... i could barely keep my voice down. (my roommates still don't suspect a thing! hehe) it was just incredible. but the problem was, i couldn't adjust the settings on the faucet like i can with the showerhead. so i came too quickly. i think, overall, i prefer the showerhead to the faucet, although the faucet still feels amazing. multiple orgasms, here i cum. hehe

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Saturday, November 1, 2003

12:15AM - dammit! i'm so fucking horny right now and i haven't cummed for weeks


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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

2:39PM - wow...

a lot has happened on this journal since i was last here. my friends page is totally flooded.

the only reason i haven't been on is because i've been busy with work and school. i notice grifters is back. *cheers*

i'll try to be on more often, but don't expect me to be on aim very much. it decided to quit working on me again. argh...

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

10:19PM - god!!!

i'm so damn horny right now... and nobody's on! i really wanna cyber wit someone, too.

somebody fuck me! lol... my sn is Lisa kitty cat99, so somebody im me... you wouldn't leave a poor girl in need? *pouts*

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Monday, September 29, 2003

7:38PM - damn, my ass hurts... hehe ;)

i got new livejournal icons and i redid the layout for my lj... check it out! i found some pretty sexy icons...

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

10:13PM - everybody better answer to this, dammit...

Oral Sex Donations Accepted

I WANT ORAL!!! hehe ;)

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Sunday, September 7, 2003

3:45AM - i just have to mention this...

i haven't been updating a lot recently because i think i've found a new way of masturbating that is new and lots of fun for me.

see, i've had experience with giving head to both men and women, receiving head, vaginal sex, lesbian sex, and all that. but none of my partners have ever really been into anal sex. so, i went to the store the other day to buy a new vibrator, and i saw butt plugs there. so, i decided to buy one and see how it worked out.

it was FANTASTIC. i love the thought of anal sex now. i always use it whenever i'm masturbating with my vibrator or showerhead. double penetration feels even BETTER.

even the thought of getting fucked in the ass by anyone... a guy with a huge dick or a girl with a huge strap-on makes me soooo wet. ;)

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Friday, August 8, 2003

2:41AM - this makes me sad

*cries* i'm so horny right now... and my vibrator broke... :( all i can do is sit here and watch porn on my computer, getting hotter and hotter, fucking myself with my finger... mmmm, it feels sooo good... but i still miss my vibrator!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

2:32PM - i am so bored... :(

sex kitten

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They have no self-control once you unleash those primal sexual wiles on them.

And they have no choice but to resist and cry for mommy.

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And you could lose yourself to all the carnal pleasures you've ever wanted.

A sex kitten you shall remain!!

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Saturday, July 12, 2003

1:42AM - hot

god, i'm so horny right now... i would love to have a lesbian threesome, like right now... mmmm it sounds so delicious, but there's nobody around to play with... :(

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

4:21AM - sorry i haven't updated lately... i've been pretty busy. ;)

licking pussy

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Watch out though, you don't want a permanent catfish smell on your breath. Next time you go down on her, throw in an Altoid for some flavor.

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oh, and www.quizdiva.com is an awesome site! definitely go and check it out. :)

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Thursday, May 1, 2003

2:46PM - aim sucks

sigh... aim is being a bitch again. i haven't been able to sign on for weeks. it seems like i might have lost my password or something like that, so i probably won't be online for a while. not until i get a new screenname or fix my password or whatever. so, sorry to everybody who wanted to chat me up. :(

i'm sooooo bored right now...

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Sunday, April 27, 2003


Mmmm... i luv porn. ;) i'm watching this clip of this one chick masturbating with a dildo while she gets fucked up the ass by another girl with another dildo. i was watching this other clip earlier of a gangbang with one girl sucking on a guys cock while she gets fucked in her pussy and in her ass. i love hearing how she moans and the sucking noises and seeing all the cum in her mouth and all over her sexy curvy body... mmmmm...

i'm so wet now. mmmm, god...

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

1:56PM - question

does anybody know the best kind of vibrator that i can find? showerheads are nice, but i need one every now and then...

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

9:41PM - oh god, that was so good...

mmmm.... ohhh, i just had the most tremendous orgasm in the shower... mmmm... ohh, i'm still moaning about it... my body feels so rejuvenated and so... ohhhh...

i haven't had an orgasm like that in soooo long. *smiles* Mmmmm...

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7:44PM - my fantasy

Sex, sex, and more lesbian sex. part 1Collapse )

that's all for now... i'll post part 2 later. bye yall, happy masturbating! lol ;)

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